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Copper is one of the most beautiful choices where kitchen copper sinks are concerned. From large, bold farm sinks to traditional under counter sinks, copper basins add an element of charm and character. Farmhouse, or Apron Front sinks, have become more popular due to their old world charm

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This Hammered Copper Bath Tub is amazing! This along with a copper sink will make an outstanding bathroom. Did you know that copper will not support bacterial, viral or fungal growth? This makes copper the most sterile material to use for a bath tub or sink. The dark color will stay dark like an old penny. Any scratch will quickly heal over with oxidation.
Drain Hole: 2" diameter drainage hole in the bottom-center of the tub. If you need the drain hole located at a different area please let us know and we can have it done.
Finish: our particular copper tub will not rust or become greenish because is covered by a resin layer to protect it from humidity, just keep it as dry as you can to preserve it longer with the current color textures; however no more maintenance required
Item No.:NSCB1386-T
Name:Copper bathtub
Material: 180*80*75cm
Item No.:NSCB1386-H
Name:Copper bathtub
Material: 190*85*75cm
Item No.:NSCB1386-F
Name:Copper bathtub
Material: 190*85*75cm

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