Bathroom cabinet installation considerations

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Installation of bathroom cabinets more professional, usually by the store's business to provide services, if it is from the online shopping, or after the purchase is not installed, be sure to pay attention to the following points, so as not to cause relatively large losses.

1.Confirm the installation position of the bathroom cabinet: in front of the shop floor tiles and wall tiles, confirm the installation position of the bathroom cabinet, because of drilling a hole in the wall to install a bathroom cabinet, also need a water inlet hole and an outlet hole, once installed in general can not move the position, so make sure good bathroom cabinet installation position is the essential condition before installation.

2.the purchase of the bathroom cabinet to be installed in accordance with the location of the bathroom cabinet to confirm the shape and size: the location of the bathroom cabinet to determine, only according to the installation location to determine the shape and size of the bathroom cabinet.

3.Assign water pipeline diagram and wiring diagram: installation to on the wall flush drilling, drilling, so before installation confirm pipeline diagram and wiring diagram is very important, if broken water pipes or electrical wiring diagram to open part of the wall, resulting in unnecessary losses.

4.Confirm the bathroom cabinet installation height: General bathroom cabinet installation height is 80~85cm, this is from tiles to the wash basin of the upper to calculate, specific installation height but also according to the family member's height and usage to determine, but within the height range of the standard is the most appropriate.

5.Each bathroom cabinet accessories and installation is not the same, is the same type of perforation size (open to the wall hole size) is not the same, but the installation process is basically the same.

6.Several large bathroom space, the most important natural is set washing, storage, dressing and other functions as one of the bathroom cabinet. And as a function of most of the bath of, the styles, style is diverse. We need to in front of the dazzling bathroom cabinets and numerous brand, choose a from either style or quality are trilingual, and our overall home style matching products difficult.

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