How to avoid solid wood bathroom cabinet crack ?

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Solid wood bathroom cabinets in a humid environment for a long time, there will be the phenomenon of cracking, and that how to avoid cracking,Let us to teach you five strokes.

Methods: 1 metal high leg design extends refuse moisture

if use wooden cabinet leg is easy to be affected with damp, and unknowingly moisture leads to the cabinet, will eventually cause deformation of the entire cabinet. If the bottom of the tank body is made of metal as the outrigger support material cabinet, problems is skillfully solved the. In addition aluminum cabinet leg bones strong. In basin "pressure" in front of fearless, rust ensure cabinet legs are in contact with the water will not rust

Vama product cabinet legs used whole or partial alloying material design, beautiful and generous. Used alloy material oxidation treatment, prevent rusty spots of undesirable phenomena.

Method 2: the design of the wall to prevent the direct infiltration of water vapor

The main source of moisture is ground, the wall into the design to solve the bathroom cabinet bottom ceiling tide problem, successfully blocking the bathroom cabinet, 50% of the water vapor permeability.

Method 3: the first barrier of water vapor barrier

The ordinary wooden bathroom cabinet is easy to absorb water, so it has a very strict requirements for the surrounding environment. It is necessary to use a regular bathroom cabinet with a brand, to avoid the problem of poor waterproof.

Method 4: hardware connection pieces of small accessories big effect

Hardware connection piece comprises a guide rail, a hinge, although only some small accessories, but bear the important task of the opening and closing of the bathroom cabinet. Common hardware connections to compare enervated, slight corrosion and rust will lead to the door, drawer won't open or closed, but also affect the service life of the bathroom cabinet. And hardware brand choice is also very important.

Method 5: Waterproof foil condensation water natural enemies

According to their usual bath experience, we will find in the bathroom washbasin tap or meet the heat will produce a large amount of condensed water, the water will flow into the bottom of the cabinet along the table, causing the cabinet moldy deformation. If timely in the bottom of the cabinet body and a layer of waterproof aluminum foil or rubber pad can solve this problem, the pad in the bottom drawer, in moisture can be fixed bath products.

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