Oak bathroom cabinets daily maintenance need to be pay attention

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Oak bathroom cabinet most avoid is damp and moth, so in the maintenance of the time can daub a little ripe tung oil to prevent insects, there is in use should try to avoid the use of heavy impact or friction is the bathroom counter tops.

Oak bathroom counter basin surface should be kept clean, dust, sand, timely removal of side abrasion of the surface, when the ceramic basin surface scratches, can in the scratch coated with a little toothpaste, repeatedly wipe with a dry soft cloth, and then waxing, such as the new surface of the cabinet in the bathroom.

If the oak bathroom cabinet has cracks.you could use paint and paint mixing embedded block flat, to maintain a long time is not bad, but putty and paint to consistent and the original color of paint, so as not to leave scars:

A burn marks: fireworks in the bathroom counter left scorch marks, if scorched paint, in toothpick bag on a layer of fine lines hard cloth, gently wipe marks and coated with a thin layer of vinegar, scorch marks can be elimination;

B hot mark: bathroom cabinet with white hot streak, as long as the general use of alcohol, toilet water, kerosene wet wipe;

C water stain: cover in the bathroom cabinet with a damp cloth marks, with iron carefully pressing cloth, marks can disappear;

D abrasions: bathroom cabinets paint scratches, not touch the paint wooden, available cabinet with the same color crayon or pigment, in the cabinet of the wound smear, to cover the exposed background, and transparent nail polish thinly coated with a layer of can.

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