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Natural stone material, colorful, beautiful shape, sending out the charming luster.Stone and marble, granite, limestone and so on which have different luster is mainly formed after polishing.It is well known that natural stone is made up of micro crystal.This crystal contains a variety of different mineral, and minerals formed by different forms.Down from mine exploitation of natural stone material surface is very hard.

Natural stone material generally has its natural luster, stone material surface after polishing to expose the original natural beauty.Grinding machine is used to refine the surface is relatively hard stone such as granite, marble, limestone and so on.But distillation process could damage the natural luster of the stone.Grinding machine is used to cut natural stone rough edges, by scraping stone the edges become more subtle.Grinding process to continue to the stone surface is very smooth.Crystal grinding process is very slowly until the natural stone material is more and more fine and the stone surface is very smooth, very smooth.

The perfect natural stone material must have a smooth surface, its luster to evenly.If natural stone material surface is very smooth, it will reflect an incredible light.With natural stone flooring is the ideal choice, because it is the most solid materials, and very practical.Natural stone material with heat, acid, antifouling and moisture-proof performance, is a panel, sink, floor tile, and bath crock of the ideal material.From the easy to remove from the stone, natural stone material hardness after polishing treatment can keep the natural luster of the stone.When installing granite, marble, natural stone luster is one of the important factors into account.

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