Why Marble is so durable?

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Want to build a beautiful and stylish household space the floor is particularly critical.The style of the floor can also reflects your personality.Why do people choose to install marble floor?There are a variety of reasons.Marble floor is eternal, never out of date.

The definition of marble

Marble is limestone or dolomite formed under the action of the pressure of the earth's crust.Marble is mainly composed of calcite.In ancient times, the marble is very important, it is used to make sculptures, such as in Asia, Italy, Spain, Turkey, found a lot of ancient sculpture is made of marble.Some ancient Greek and Roman empire marble masterpiece.

Marble floor

Marble is expensive, it is because it needs to be imported.Its origin is generally in China, countries such as Spain and Italy.The world's largest marble producers were Italy, Italian marble has a strange design, high quality.

Before is usually considered a luxury flooring, marble is a symbol of wealth.But now, it has entered the homes, known by ordinary people.Marble has a shiny gloss, very attract people's attention.

Marble floor care

Marble floor is relatively expensive, therefore need careful nursing.If improper care will lead to it is dyed.Wash the floor every day, in order to maintain its good condition need a specially designed for marble cleaning fluid to clean every month.You can also consider using special polishing tool polishing marble floors, these tools can, on loan from many places, or you can ask professional personage to carry out.

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