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Objectively speaking, whether in China or in other countries, almost difficult to find a large decorative stone the stone material of high-grade hotels or residential use there is no perfect building stone material defects.The use of stone, the stone defects such problems more easily.Most of the stone, marble, in particular, the issues become more prominent.

Stone as a day of the product for its natural beautiful and delicate and charming characteristics more and was deeply loved by the masses.But there is no denying the fact it was because of stone material is natural products that there are many unsatisfactory place.For example, the depth of the stone color, decorative pattern thickness take the size and some other aspects of the appearance of the defect.

Here are several ways to overcome the stone defects, to teach you how to create the perfect stone.

A sample,

In order to avoid the blindness of a large-scale project is expected to open, should be first before cutting from each sawing a piece of waste material in the same plane on Zui samples with its polished, contrast each other, and numbered.According to the colors of the original column to distinguish the three color thick, medium and weak.Such as material are too many kinds of color, the column in English letters A, B, c, D, E...To distinguish.Take the samples at the end of the project is kept for a period of time for customers to fill material.

2, line board, color separation, plate, the planning

1. The dosage of a large engineering due to the use of the same stone, in order to guarantee the same space, the same plane of the installed plate color, texture, good decorative effect, sawing large plate before, should first from the cut out on each piece of block in the big board, pick out the most representative of the big board according to the order of gradual change color, color separation, and words indicate the block number, color depth, with thick, medium and light.

2. When processing to choose color, stone texture difference is bigger, the surface of the stone has other defect, it should be provided according to the customer of the layout and decoration elevation on the integral panel, stone sizes in stone floor to identify boundary cutting line with a pencil.

3. The panel, the panel size and number distribution with figure drawing.

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