What is formed by sandstone?

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Sandstone is a clastic sedimentary formation, and biological deposit such as coal, and chemical deposition formation such as gypsum, jasper, debris may be other rocks or certain mineral crystals, cementing the detrital material can be calcite or silica, clay, clastic particle size between 0.1 -- 2 mm, if clastic particle starts forming schist or shale, in the form or breccia conglomerate.

Sandstone is also called sand rock, it is because the earth's crust movement, sand and cement, silica, calcium carbonate, clay, iron oxide, calcium sulphate, etc.) by the huge pressure for a long time compression bonding and formed a kind of sedimentary rock.

Containing iron oxide stripe sandstone sandstone formation is divided into two stages, first sedimentary sand layers, may be caused by water or air handling;Then under the action of stress, is under the leaching of calcium carbonate from above or siliceous cementation together, containing iron, silicon, manganese and other elements can result in sandstone of different colors.Due to the difference of sedimentary environment, make all kinds of sandstone have different joint, size, color, and nature, there are mainly two types: continental sediments and Marine deposits.

Except biogenic structures, almost all structure can appear in sandstone (see) sedimentary rocks.Between internal structure and layer structure is one of the transport of sediment movement fluid type and intensity of the most obvious signs, such as cross-bedding is one of the symbols of the ancient flow, different types of graded bedding is one of the symbols of judgement traction flow and turbidity current.

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