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Marble composite panels, just as its name implies is the marble composite processed with other material has the properties of the original marble plates.The 2-3 mm according to customer's requirement (specific) natural marble composite with other materials.Composite granite, including marble composite tile, marble, marble composite marble, marble composite aluminum honeycomb, marble composite aluminum-plastic plate, marble composite aluminum foam, etc.According to test data and practical use shows that the marble composite panels (compound stone) besides pure marble solemn elegant, gorgeous noble quality, but also has many advantages.

The advantages of marble composite panels:

1, light weight:

The marble composite panels can only 5 mm the thinnest thickness (with aluminum compound).Commonly used compound or granite ceramic tile, and only about 12 mm thick, will save a lot of transportation cost of the building load limitation cases, it is the best choice.

2, increase strength:

Marble and ceramic tile, granite, aluminum honeycomb panel and other compound, its bending, bending and shearing strength was improved obviously, greatly reduce the breakage rate in the process of transportation, installation and use.

3, ability to resist pollution increase:

Ordinary marble plate (the brick plate) during the installation process or after the use process, if use wet cement paste, is likely to be six months or a year later, marble surface appear all sorts of different color and stain, is very difficult to remove.Composite board because of the base plate is more hard and dense, as well as a thin layer of rubber, avoids this kind of circumstance happening.

4, are more likely to control the color difference:

For marble composite board is the original plate in 1 m2 (tower plate) cut into 3 or 4 pieces into m2 3 or 4 m2.The 3, 4 m2 of pattern and color almost 100% identical, and therefore are more likely to ensure that large area is used, the consistency of the color and pattern.

5, easy installation:

Because have more characteristics, in the process of installation, regardless of weight, easy to broken (strength, etc.) or color stitching is greatly improving the efficiency and safety of installation, but also reduces the installation costs.

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