How to choose the high quality stone material?

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Has a natural decorative pattern and beautiful color stone material for indoor stylist provide a broad creation element, decorate in the family in more and more people hope in local use some natural stone material to increase the flavor of the piao zhuo.Compared to other building materials product, stone material from the selection, the shop is to late to maintain, are exquisite, without notice, stone material will not be able to show the aesthetic feeling.

High quality stone material surface

Natural stone material quality depends on the quality of the waste material and processing technology.High quality stone material surface, do not contain too much noise, uniform cloth color, without the light and strong, and the stone material of inferior quality after processing, there will be many would not.

Cover "defect", so, the decorative pattern of stone material surface color is an important index of evaluation of stone material quality.If you don't pass processing technology and process, after processing the finished product will appear buckling, sag, spots, stains, lack of edge Angle, crack, color line, the phenomenon such as pit nest, the stone material, of course, is not "perfect".

The ground is decorated to avoid the "dark"

The family is decorated use stone material, not the home "dark", should choose the light color of stone material as the ground adornment material, can give a person a kind of warmth, quiet feeling, but also extend the ground area of effect.

Said from breed, should try to choose the wear-resistant, resistant to acid and alkali of marble and granite stone.Large capacity on the price of it, the light color of granite series is cheaper, suitable for general income family, the choose and buy to replace the damaged parts or ingredients.From the plate specification, the ground should choose as far as possible granite sheet (8 ~ 12 mm), mainly considering the intensity of the ground and building to bearing two factors.

Mesa color stain resistant

Decorative stone products into the family, the more the mesa is made into all kinds of furniture, this is considering the problem of pollution, and thus to choose darker color of stone material, like green, blue, red series of marble, granite, marble in the varieties with large decorative pattern, adornment effect is better.

The operation of the kitchen countertops, such as need stone material, should choose 25 mm thick plate, it is best to use granite.Because of the granite in the kitchen of too much acid, alkali environment, durability and luster, and has a high degree of strength.

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