How to distinguish natural stone material quality?

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Today people decorate a bedroom, stone material to use more common.However, most consumers of stone types and properties of don't know much, stone material quality of the products on the market and the good and bad are intermingled, the superiority of natural stone material quality mainly depends on the quality of the raw materials and processing technology.

Common natural stone material on the market at present is mainly marble, granite.In general, the stone material of uniform fine structure has exquisite texture, belongs to the fine quality;, thick bead and differ the stone material of a structure its exterior effect is poorer, mechanical performance is uneven, the quality is a bit poor.So consumers, according to the pattern of stone material surface is tonal the stone material quality can be evaluated.

In terms of domestic outfit stylist proposal, when consumer is choosing an outfit with stone material, try to choose the light color of stone material as the ground adornment material, can have the expansion of the ground area of effect on the vision;Said from breed, should try to choose the wear-resistant, resistant to acid and alkali of marble and granite stone;Large capacity on the price of it, the light color of granite series is cheaper, suitable for general income family, the choose and buy to replace the damaged parts or ingredients;From the plate specification, the ground should choose as far as possible the granite sheet, mainly considering the intensity of the ground and building to bearing two factors.

In addition, the natural stone material because of the influence of the geological process, will produce some fine vein, microcracks, stone material the most easily along these place fracture, should not choose.As for the lack of edge horn is less affect beautiful, especially when the choice should be paid attention to.And if you don't pass processing technology and process, after processing the finished product will be warping, sag, spots, stains, lack of edge Angle, crack, color line, the phenomenon such as pit nest, the stone material, of course, is not "perfect".Therefore, the high quality natural stone material, should be neat shape plate cutting edge Angle, the surface is bright and clean, high brightness, no rough fingered.

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