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Artificial culture stone, just as its name implies is relative in terms of natural culture stone, after the late artificial, so called artificial culture stone, so artificial culture stone is how to produce and develop?

Origin and development of artificial culture stone:

In the 1960 s, the United States to mason, a stonemason invented the principle of "artificial culture stone", after the Garrett and Floyd Brown use the material such as pumice develop products "artificial culture stone".Artificial culture stone products began in California in the western region of high-grade villa decoration, and quickly occupied the whole of the United States and Canada market.Today, artificial culture stone has flower in the world and in all artificial culture stone products, is made of artificial culture stone pumice products the most upscale: because it is lighter in texture, higher strength, bibulous rate is lower, the freezing resistance is better.And energy conservation, environmental protection, can reach zero carbon emissions.The appearance of artificial culture stone imitating natural stone texture, light texture, color is rich, no mildew, non-combustible, ease of installation, etc.

Artificial culture stone features:

1, light texture.Accounted for one third of the natural stone material - 1/4, do not need extra base of support, so also can save a space.

2, durable.Do not fade, corrosion resistance, weathering resistance, high strength, good frost resistance and impermeability.

3, green environmental protection.No smell, sound-absorbing, fire prevention, heat insulation, non-toxic, no pollution, no radiation.

4, dustproof self-cleaning function: by the waterproofing agent processing, is not easy to stick dust, wind and rain erosion can clean itself as the new, free of maintenance.

5, installation is simple, cost province.Without the rivet on the wall, paste directly;Installation cost is only 1/3 of the natural stone.

6 or more optional.Style diversity, color combinations make metope is stereo effect.

Culture stone installation considerations:

1, culture stone is not suitable for large area is used indoors, generally speaking, the metope of usable floor area is not suitable to exceed one-third of its space metope.And in the bedroom shoulds not be multiple occurrences of culture stone wall surface.

2, culture stone installation outside, try not to choose sandstone type of stone, because this kind of stone material easy ooze water.Even surface did waterproof processing, vulnerable to and waterproof layer aging.

3, indoor installation culture stone can choose class nearly color or complementary color, but the colour and lustre of unfavorable use contrast of changes in temperature.

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