The Advantages of Quartz Countertop

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         Quartz countertop is really cleaning and healthy countertop. In the process of quartz countertop, according to the principle of lotus effect, and apply to modern bionics theory, we deal with the quartz countertop surface with special processing technology. So the quartz countertop has the effects of beautiful and cleaning without any pores. Also, its surface is different from the traditional artificial stone countertop with rough surface, it has the unique texture of slight concave-convex. So the quartz is not easy to hide the dirt and bacteria, and easier to clean.

         Quartz countertop is really higher cost performance countertop. The cabinet is the most important durable consumption in the modern housing and accommodation, as the matching products, the countertop is the parts people contact most in daily life. No good countertop, no good cabinet. Comparing with the normal artificial stone countertop, the quartz countertop has longer lifespan, also it is not easy to change the color and out of shape, whats more, it can resist the water penetration and scratches well. The quartz countertop surface will keep same brightness and glossiness as the new one for long time usage without special maintenance. Otherwise, the artificial stone countertop need the maintain work of regular grinding and polishing to keep bright, and it will reduce the thickness of the countertop, accordingly, influence the lifespan. According to the health, environmental friendliness, convenience, biology-chemical characteristic, etc., the quartz countertop is really higher cost performance countertop

         Quartz countertop is really scratch-resistance, stain-resistance and heat-resistance countertop. Scratch-resistance: The hardness of quartz countertop reaches 7-7.5 Mohs hardness, which means the metal kitchen ware used in daily life will not cause the scratches and wear on it. The artificial stone countertop surface has low hardness, which will cause many scratches when using, and it will influence the beautiful look, as well as the seminary to produce the bacteria.; Stain-resistance: The quartz countertop has the supermicro quartz powder with many kind of composite material, and its water absorption is 0.03% on average. High quality material guarantees the good stain-resistance for the quartz countertop; Heat-resistance: The quartz crystal plays main part in the quartz basis material, while the quartz has high melting point(1600 degree), After adding few composite material, the quartz countertop still has quite high ability against the heat and burn. The quartz countertop can prevent the burn of hot oil, hot pot and cigarette end, and keep long-time cleaning and brightness, also, will not cause the phenomenon of sunken and burned dots.

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