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The stone countertop mainly includes: granite countertop, marble countertop, sandstone countertop, slate countertop, limestone countertop and quartz countertop. Among these, the main current is the granite and marble countertop, while according to the production quantity and application range, the granite countertop is the most and widest.

The main processing steps of stone countertop is sorting ¨Cbig cut¡ªpolishing¡ªedge cutting¡ªedge processing¡ªcutout¡ªrepair¡ªassembly and test¡ªpackage.

Sorting--Selecting the suitable blocks material according to the customers¡¯ samples or the production order, it is better to knock one piece of block sample to do the polishing comparing, observe if it is the same with the texture, color and partcle. If for the conventional thicknesscountertop, you can go to the block market to purchase the blocks directly. When sorting the block, pay attention to choosing the same color, texture, particle, and similar density. In the meanwhile, it is not available to exist the cracks, lithocholic, streak and other weakness, and need to notice the thickness and size of the slab.

Big cut--It is according to the customers¡¯ processing requirements to use the round saw to cut the block in to flag slab. After cutting, it needs to do the examination, and keep the qualified slabs, then throw the unqualified ones. After that, do the thicknessing work for the super thick flag slab.

Polishing--Rough polishing: Polishing the flag slabs which is qualified and thicknessing. After the flag slabs dry, check the slab surface, if the slab effect is good, go on the next process; if the slab surface is unqualified, you can brush the glue on the slab surface, then brush another resin to repair the little pores and cracks on the surface. In the meanwhile, the resin will help to increase the brightness for the slab surface.

Edge cutting--Cutting the qualified flag slabs into each parts of the countertop, includes the countertop, back splash guard, side guard, and island top. Before cutting, it is necessary to check the surface, and avoid the cracks, black spots, streak and so on.

Edge processing--Edge cutting is processing the edge of countertop into sample flat polished, or the abnormal edge(bullnose, ogee, etc.). If the customers do not require to increase the thickness for the edge, we can do the countertop edge processing directly; if the customers require to increase the thickness, we need to thicken the countertop edge.

Cutout--It needs to dig out the sink cutout, faucet cutout and assembly cutout. Usually, we use the machines to dig out the cutout.

Repair--This step is to repair the damage cause by the improper processes or other natural weakness, pay attention to use the similar color glue with the stone color to repair.

Assembly and test--Check the countertop piece by piece, change or rework the unqualified goods. Also, need to assemble the whole set countertop to check if is is workable.

Package--When packing, the dull face to dull face, and add the soft mebrane between the shiny sizes.

Finally, the countertop is finished.



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