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The terms of granite means the grain, and usually understood as the chloroplast in Latin, because it is made from the little plastochondria, so the granite is the hardest stone. On account of its hardness, anti-acid, charming color, excellent texture, the granite slab and granite porcelain tile have already occupied prominent market shares, and become more and more popular.

The advantages of granite also include the high load bearing, anti-pressure ability and best malleability, what is more, the granite is easier to cut, mould and it can produce the thin slabs. In a word, the granite has superbly strong durability ability.

On account of its high density, the besmirch is hard to penetrate into. The polished granite slab and porcelain tile play very important statue in the worldwide construction. Also, the granite can apply to the outdoor wall decoration, roof, floor and different kinds of floor decoration. Door sill, countertop and outdoor floor also can use the granite. Especially, it is better to use the dark colors granite for the countertop.

The granite has tight structure, high anti-pressure, low water absorption, strong surface hardness and durability, but bad fire resistance.

The granite has structure of small grain, middle grain and coarse grain, or like the spots shape structure, and it has tight and even grain arrangement with little space, so it has excellent antifreeze ability. 

The granite has high hardness, usually 6 Mohs hardness. The density is among 2.63g/cm3to 2.75g/cm3.The granite usually form as the batholith, laccolith and rock blocks, and controlled by area floor structure, so, usually, it has large scale, and wide distribution, which is convenient to mine, and easier to get the big blocks. For its regular joints development, it is good for the mine the regular shape stone blocks.

The granite has high block material utilization ratio, and can do many kinds of processing and excellent slab jointing ability. What is more, the granite is not easy to weather, and can use for the outdoor decoration stone. The granite has even texture, although the colors is mainly light color system, it still has plenty of colors, like red, white, yellow, green, black, purple, brown, beige, blue and so on. What is more, it has little color change, and is suitable for large area usage.

Granite becomes more and more popular with the development of our daily life for its attraction and practicability.

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