The Maintenance and Application of Marble Furniture

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The stone furniture is the high-end furniture, which is very popular among customers. For the past few years, the marble has widely applied to the furniture manufacturing. The stone furniture£¬ like marble dining table and television table, has the bright surface, gentle texture, elegant pattern, also, excellent ability to prevent the dirt and high temperature, so customers love it deeply.

However, nowadays, there exist a plenty of inferior, even the bogus marble furniture. These marble furniture not only lack of the advantages of premium nature marble, but also include a plenty of radioactive element, which will do harms on the customers.

There are the nature marble furniture and artificial marble furniture on the market, while there are premium marble and inferior marble for the nature marble, so we have to know the differences before selecting the marble furniture.

Every marble has the unique natural texture and color. The premium marble will select the whole piece stone material to compare with texture from other parts. There are the large-scale nature texture on the main part, while the leftover material will adopt for the chair back, column head and other parts decoration. However, the inferior furniture will use the leftover when preparing the material, so less surface changing.

Use the natural marble or granite macadam as the stuffing, and use the cement, gypsum and unsaturated polyester as the adhensive, then after mixing, molding, grinding and polishing, the artificial marble is finished. The artificial marble has low transparency and lacks of brightness.

There is another sample way to distinguish the natural marble and artificial marble: Dropping several diluted hydrochloric acid, the natural marble will cause blister acutely, while the artificial will blister weakly, even not blister.

The natural marble has extremely low radioactivity. The marble furniture not only has the higher requirements for the blocks¡¯ solidity and environmental protective, but also has the restrict control for the stone radioactivity. For a long time, people mistakenly believe the marble furniture has the radioactivity, so they will hesitate when purchasing. In fact, the natural marble has low radioactivity, generally, it will not do harms on human, while the artificial marble furniture has higher radioactivity.

How to maintain the marble furniture?

Marble is the porous material, so it is easy to become dirty. It needs less water when cleaning, and regularly, use the dampish cloth with gentle cleaning agent to clean, then use the clean and soft cloth to clean. For some worn heavily marble furniture is hard to deal with, clean with the steel wool at first, then use the electrical polishing machine to make the brightness come back. Or you can use the lemon juice or vinegar to clean the dirt, but the lemon juice had better to clean within 1-2 minutes, If necessary, you can repeat to drop the lemon juice, then clean and dry it.

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