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Marble polishing is the process before the stone crystallization maintenance process, or the last process for stone panel processing. At present, marble polishing is one of the most important technological process, and it is different from the traditional marble cleaning, waxing and polishing from the cleaning company.

The first one is the essential differences between polishing and waxing.

The marble polishing is the prelude of the stone crystallization processing, or the essential technique process in the stone processing.The main principle is to use the pads made of mineral acid, metallic oxide and other material to cooperate with the pressure, machine disc, high-speed grinding force, frictional heat energy of the machine disc, and the water function one the smooth marble surface to do the physical and chemical effect, then to achieve the new bright crystallization layer. This crystallization layer has the super bright and clear glossiness, even can achieve to 90-100 degree.

The marble cleaning is the prelude of marble waxing and polishing. Marble polishing belongs to the popular marble cleaning and maintenance precaution before 2000, and now it had lost their existing significance for the market lack. The essence of marble polishing is to cover a layer combined with the acrylic resin and polymer of emulsion one the newly installed stone, in other words, it is like the normal water wax or floor wax. Then, after the high-speed and low-pressure polishing machine with the polishing pad to polish the stone surface, which will help the resin layer more bright. On account of the products renewing, there develop the ¡°super bright¡± wax and ¡°polishing free¡± wax, so this layer is like the varnish used on the wooden floor.  

The polishing technique is the process of stone surface react with the chemicals for the physical effect and chemical combination. The stone surface and base will combine together compete, so no breakaway parts exist.     

The second one is the presentative differeces.

The marble grinding and polishing is the prelude of the stone maintenance process. After the stone maintenance polishing, the surface has high brightness and definition, wear-resisting and anti scratch, so it shows the real functions and value for the stone application.

After waxing, the stone surface has low brightness, definition and vague, easy to suffer from the wearing, water penetration and scratch, what is worse, the oxidation and yellowing problems will influence the stone natural appearance, and lose the original beauty.

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