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  The marble has natural texture, change-drive colors and patterns, which gets the favor of decoration area and customers.

  All over the country, there are thousands of marble manufacturer, occupied almost half of stone area, according to this, it is extreme competition for the marble market. Under the competitive market, many marble manufacturers have to decrease the cost from administration cost to machine equipment and processing technology. So there born the new technology and new product. Composite the marble with other material, not only improve the marble features, also keep the marble colors and texture. This is new marble products--marble composite board.

  The advantages of marble composite board.

  The first one is light weight. The thinnest marble composite board is only 5mm thickness(with aluminum-plastic panel). It will save much cost, especially for the weight-limited buildings.

  The second is strength increasing. After compositing with porcelain, granite and aluminum honeycomb panel, the bending resistance, fracture resistance and sheer resistance will improve obviously, which will decrease the breakage rate during transporting, installing and using.

  The third one is anti-pollution ability increase. The normal marble panel, for example, will use the cement wet combining in the process of installation or the future using, maybe half a year or one year later, the marble surface will appear different kinds of color change and stains, which is very difficult to remove. The composite board has more solid baseboard, and meanwhile, there is a thin glue layer, which will avoid this problem.

  The fourth one is more convenient to install. In the process of installation, no matter the weight, strength and the anti pollution ability will help to improve the installation efficiency and safety, in the meanwhile, it will reduce the installation cost.

  The fifth one is less area limit. The marble decoration parts, whatever for wall, floor, window sill, porch and table etc., the normal primitive panel is workable, but, only for the ceiling, both marble and granite, few decoration companies will select it as the ceiling. Nowadays, the marble composite with aluminum-plastic panel, aluminum honeycomb, then the marble composite board will break this limit, because the marble composite board is very light.

  The sixth one is sound insulation and moisture proof. The marble composite board use the equilateral hexagon shape hollow aluminum bee core, which has the function of sound insulation, moisture proof, thermal insulation, coldness proof, and the normal marble panel has not such functions.

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