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If you are looking for the material which can show the home design, also is extremely beautiful, it is completely exact to install the marble floor.

  In fact, many kinds of stone products like marble and granite has increased with amazing speed during this several years. The sales volume of marble floor has increased about 400%. In the process of application, people find many advantages for the marble step by step, so the marble floor, marble countertop, marble back splash have become more and more popular.

  If you had been to visit Italy, Spain and other temperate countries, you will find the wide application for the marble floor in the area of house design. However, over the years, only Italy mines the marble for the construction; nowadays, many other countries start to mine the marble, like Spain, Mexico, China,Russia, etc. In fact, there will have the larger marble floor market in the tropical zone. This floor has good quality and high glossiness. Marble has different kinds of natural patterns and colors, in other words, people have extremely wide choose, this is one of the reasons why the marble floor always keep bringing up to date.

  However, There still some weakness for the marble floor.

  For the stone, it is doomed to these weakness when choosing marble floor. On one hand, people only focus one the marble color tone when choosing the stone, without considering the weather resistance and wear-resistance differences between the granite and marble. On the other hand, the earlier marble is mainly imported, at that time, the granite processing technology is not so advanced like now, and the main color tone and style for marble is elegant, so, at present, it becomes fashion to choose the marble as the indoor application stone.

  The humid environment. The main ingredient of marble is calcium carbonate, under the effect of water, it will expand, and the slacker parts of stone structure will burst first, then it will leave a stone hole on the marble floor. What is worse, this stone hole will continue to pulverize under the humid environment, the the surrounding parts will become more and more porous.

  The improper maintenance ways. For a part of owners and constructors, they have applied the maintenance agent on the marble in advance, but when installing on the ground, the problems occur. On one hand, they did not repair the marble cracks and porous parts better, there produce high water pressure on the marble back due to the humid environment, then the marble break soon. On the other hand, although we do the maintenance on the marble front, the water on the floor surface still penetrate into the inner marble through the marble cracks and porous parts, and the marble humidity will increase, for that, the vicious circle produces.

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