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  People usually like to adopt the marble as the the decoration tot for the vanity top, while the bathroom floor and wall will choose the high end natural stone to decorate, it will increase the elegant atmosphere for the bathroom.

  The polished marble is suitable for the vertical surface installation like wall. Except for protecting the wall, it has other natural features, for example, smooth surface, beautiful glossiness and natural texture, which is quite suitable for decorating the bathroom environment. However, its weakness is softer;worse resistance to acid, alkali and weathering; easy to penetrate the oil and water; easy to scratch; almost cleaning detergent with acid and alkali and stains will do harms for the marble, such as vinegar, lemon juice, orange juice, cola and other acid liquid, if leaving a little on the marble surface, it has better to remove and clean it. If leave for longer time, the marble will lose the glossiness. If applying to the bathroom, we have to do the daily maintenance. It is easier to renew the marble, and low cost, so for the large area old marble floor, we do do the renewing.

  Some stone are doomed to use for the bathroom, for example, the hard texture and large density marble is more suitable. The light colors stone has stronger ability to resist the slight soap suds. So it had better to not use green or black marble, and the stone surface will have less possibility to be polluted.

  Although the natural stone is a kind of natural and beautiful high end decoration material, also for the nature and the diversity of mineral structure, so it decides the marble has different extent weakness and problems . The daily used soap and shampoo will do harm to the bathroom marble. After suffering from the harms, the marble stone surface will become coarse and lack of glossiness, the original beautiful smooth polished surface will lose the mirror glossiness, and is unable to reflect the things clear, also, the patterns and textures will become vague. In order to avoid these problems, it had better to avoid using the shampoo products with dye, soap and shampoo with artificial pigment. Some problems often meet: The marble become dark, serious harms, surface glossiness lost. When suffering from these problem, the marble floor surface needs to do polishing job. The hand polishing is suitable for dealing with small size surface, while the machine polishing is for large size surface harms and glossiness lost area.

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