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  Natural stone means the massive or clintherform shape material quarrying from the natural rock mass, and then after the processing. In the area of architecture decoration application, there are two kinds of main decoration stone--marble and granite. The marble is the rock after the carbonate rocks metamorphosed or deposited, and its main chemical ingredient is calcium carbonate, occupied more than 50%, the other ingredient includes magnesium carbonate, calcium oxide, manganese oxide and silicon dioxide, etc. The marble is the medium hard stone.

  The marble color is related with its ingredient, the white color includes calcium carbonate, magnesium; the purple color includes manganese; the black color includes carbon or asphaltene; the yellow color includes chromium compounds; many colors include different ingredients.

  On account of the marble has higher price, belonging to the high end decoration materials, so it usually apply to indoor wall, column, railing, window sill, service top and other parts for hotels, exhibition halls, cinemas, shopping malls, airport, station ans other public construction. Nowadays, it will apply to some high grade decorative house as the living room floor to show its elegance. Otherwise, the marble slab can make different kinds of marble decoration, like mural, screen, hanging screen, wall hanging to as the indoor embellish and decorate. What is more, it can used for tessellation flower pot and inlay high end solid wood engraving furniture.

  Natural granite stone is the magmatic rock, its main ingredient is aluminum silicate, and its main chemical ingredient is aluminum oxide, silicon oxide, and a little calcium oxide, magnesium oxide. So the granite is a kind of acid crystallization rocks, the hard stone.

  The granite has hard texture, anti acid and alkali, anti corrosion, anti high temperature, anti light, anti freezing, wear resistance, durability, and its appearance and glossiness can keep for more than 100 years. Otherwise, granite has plentiful colors, and even delicate texture, after polishing, it shows like the mirror, so it can achieve the gorgeous decorative effect.

  On account od the granite has strong ability to resist the weathering, it mainly apply to the wall base and outdoor wall decoration, also available for indoor wall, column, window sill and so on. The another reason is the granite has excellent hardness and wear resistance, so it usually apply to the floor for the high grade buildings decoration projects hall, like hotels, restaurants, assembly halls and other halls. According to the color tone and texture of granite, when selecting the granite as the decoration material, we have to take the whole building decoration requirements and the partial material color into consideration.

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