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Today,the cabinet industry has been a single development pattern to the diversified development of the road, the continuous

innovation of technology, the form of continuous improvement, making the cabinet there are a variety of popular styles.

Kitchen culture is actually an exotic culture, originated in Europe now recognized by the majority of Chinese families. Italy, the overall design of the cabinet and the product design more and more detailed,Germany reflects the workmanship and human function, the British cabinet design is more classical and introverted, the United States more products reflect the practicality of the product. Mainland China, the South kitchen decoration more attention, the South kitchen to meet the functional needs at the same time, pays more attention to product quality.

Cabinets of high quality reflected in the design style, color, lines, decoration, details, and many other aspects of the cabinet design style can follow the classic, but the cabinet product design must be original in the first time to seize the consumer eyeball.

Country style: Country-style cabinets are mostly made of solid wood; it has close to the natural color, and the extensive use of solid

wood panels and hardware components and other simple materials. In addition, delicate and smooth edge, straight and delicate process, uniform coating, to ensure the most accurate size and the most exquisite woodworking skills.

Classical style: in the classical cabinet outside the style of performance, the ancient dark red to express the dignity, the details

of the carved, coupled with the noble color, so that the ancient and eternal show most vividly. The black and red with, both show the antique, but also to ensure that not out of touch with fashion, coupled with the ancient embroidery decoration, but also shows the master's taste.

Modern style: modern style cabinet design is the most thoughtful works, with the decorative arts and fashion characteristics of the

modern style cabinet in the surface material selection, counterfeit foot shape and other aspects of traditional and popular culture language, it can and various characteristics of the family environment to match. The integration of color and style, will strip, box shaped with simple modification of the door, in between the traditional and popular, but not luxurious extravagance, simple but not rough.

Advanced style: this style is characterized by a strong color contrast. Among them, the purple cabinet design, bright and mysterious.The use of avant-garde ideas for bold design, so that people can manage housework in the clean environment.

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