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hot summer--Newstar Badminton Match

order to promote the spirit of unity and cooperation among employees, Newstar
held the friendly competition of badminton on Jun 22th,2017. The event aims to
enrich the employees' spare time activities, enhance their body and promote the
communication between departments and employees. Under the lead ot
administration department, many staff take an active part in this match. The
company's employees have been actively involved in the activities, a total of
more than 30 people participated in the competition. The enthusiasm of the
staff was unprecedented high, the leadership also attaches great importance. In
order to achieve good results in the game, many staff also use morning and
evening and spare time to practice.

Team is built up
of heart not that of people
Energetic team

Fierce Master

Catch the ball

game is divided into two games, through the four round knockout, decided to
match the top three. The game was carried out in a warm and friendly
atmosphere, and the contestants were full of energy. In the game, they are
flexible movements, skilled skills, ushered in bursts of applause. Eventually
after a fierce competition, Solo won the championship, Yilia won the runner-up,
and Dainel came in the third.


Handsome posture
Looks very professional

badminton show the spirit of staff. Through the activities, enhance the
friendship ,strengthen the communication between the staffs. It also make
everyone's physical enhancement, improve the awareness of team. It make our
amateur cultural life becomes more colorful. Everyone show the can-do spirit in
the match, and will extended this spirit to the work.

badminton competition, not only led to the company's internal fitness campaign,
but also enhance the unity of friendship between employees, creating a
positive, healthy and harmonious cultural atmosphere, the event eventually
achieved the desired purpose and effect.



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