Two Different Styles of Bathroom Cabinets

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Nowadays, the bathroom cabinet which integrates the functions of cleaning, storing and decorating has been paid more and more attention. Today, two different styles of bathroom cabinets are introduced.

¡¾PART1: modern style¡¿

Modern style design like to abandon all the decoration, pink and black and white contrast, the use of wall-style combination of two bathroom cabinet, square and round at the same time with the use of geometric beauty, but also to meet the needs of different items of storage. Through the match with the entire wash area structured with a sense of art.


Curved design of the bathroom cabinet is very light and chic, the overall line of simple, soft corner, the curve of natural smooth, perfect interpretation of the fashionable modern style. And make full use of the corner of the zero space so that towels and toiletries can be properly placed. Fresh tones, with minimalist style, creating a relaxed and elegant relationship between the space.

Apply purple to bathroom cabinet design, purple and white contrasts, purple triangular bathroom cabinets and white walls make toilets more romantic. The ground covered with round spotted carpet, not only has a non-slip effect, but also echo with the wall, so that the wash area as a garden in general. 

¡¾PART2: classical style¡¿

In front of this exquisite bathroom cabinet, in the simple European style, the use of pure lines outline the delicate and luxurious appearance, it is memorable. The surface of the bathroom cabinet painted with metal paint makes this lustrous silver appear aristocratic and make the whole bathroom display a unique European style. 

White antique bathroom cabinet like a fine sculpture brings the bathroom gentle artistic temperament. Contracted design of shelf type bathroom cabinet with light and delicate curves, delicate composition to achieve the effect of elegant and expensive. The scattered bathroom cabinet layout leaves enough space for the accommodation and ensures a clean and orderly bathroom. 

European style bathroom cabinet is full of the temptation of aristocracy, whether it is material, modeling, or lines, patterns, etc., are to deal with the details of excellence to show the perfect and rigorous style, a pursuit of quality of life as a characterization. With a strong retro gold to show the atmosphere and comfortable, bathroom color contrast between the use of visual impact. 

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