How to Maintain the Marble Vanity Top

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Although the natural stone is a high-end decorative material, because of its natural and mineral diversity of the structure, the stone itself will determine the existence of varying degrees of defects and problems. Seemingly hard incomparable stone, in fact, very delicate, need to be paved and used carefully. Because the bathroom has a specific function of bathing, water vapor more, the laying of stone if improper maintenance, highly susceptible to pollution. Common contamination is caused by mold, dirt and bacteria. Stone surface often becomes bleak, and produce a cloud-like circle of white stains. The daily problems encountered are soap and shampoo on the bathroom marble pollution. Damaged marble surface rough and dull, the original beautiful smooth polished surface loss of its mirror gloss, can not clearly reflect the scenery, pattern lines have become blurred. To avoid this situation, it is best to use hair dye-free shampoo products, and should be free of artificial colors of soap and shampoo.

Some people will often encounter such a problem: the marble in the bathroom darkened, serious damage, and surface gloss disappeared. If this is the case, you need to polish the surface. High-quality polishing agent in the domestic large-scale building materials supermarkets can buy. Manual polishing is suitable for handling small areas of the surface, while machine polishing is used for large area damaged and dull areas.

If it is a hotel, guesthouse and other large public places bathrooms etc., can be operated in accordance with the following procedures:

(1) To ensure that the surface is dry, not protected by protective agent. If necessary, you can use a neutral cleaning agent to clean the surface, so that the surface of the marble vanity top clean and dry, ready for the next step polishing.

(2) Dispense the polishing agent liquid onto the surface with the spoon supplied with the product and sprinkle the same amount of polish powder. In per square foot of the marble surface each half spoon of powder and liquid polishing agent.

(3) With 100 to 140 pounds of ground grinding machine or manual grinding machine, with white nylon pad (5M is the best polishing pad) wool mat, burlap or other nonabrasive grinding. Polish on the ground should be treated, 6 to 8 square feet (0.56-0.74 square meters) each time, until the brightness is restored.

(4) Rinse thoroughly with water, then polished with cotton to make it shiny.

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