The Advantages of Quartz Vanity Top

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1), not easy to scratch:

Quartz stone plate by vacuum vibration compression extrusion, quartz has reached Mohs 6 ~ 7.5 hardness.

2), high temperature resistance, burning does not hurt:

Quartz can be resistant to high temperature, but resin caní»t.

3), the real stone feeling:

Because the quartz stone contains 93% of the quartz crystal, so the feeling is very similar to the stone, and quartz is the integration of natural stone and artificial acrylic advantages of both. Therefore, from the color point of view is more colorful than the real stone color, and almost no color difference.

4), anti-pollution strong, not easy to penetrate stains;

Because of the dozens of complex surface treatment, so its surface structure is very tight, the product is fine non-porous, water absorption is almost zero; general kitchen with oil, sauce, tea, fruit juice, coffee, acid, alkali and other substances are impossible to penetrate, so stain resistance is extremely strong.

5), antibacterial:

Because of its surface layer and the material inside the same dense uniform, no pores and cracks, coupled with a certain built-in antibiotics, so put an end to the breeding of bacteria, safe and clean, with food and skin and other direct contact, beneficial food hygiene and human health.

6), surface material without radiation, is a green product;

As the quartz stone is the use of natural stone crystal mineral, is one of the world's most abundant inorganic materials, the silicon dioxide content of 99.9% or more, in the process of the human body will only harm the heavy metals and other radioactive elements strictly controlled In the allowable range (which itself contains heavy metals and other radioactive elements on the number of small), its mining, use, processing will not have adverse effects on the human body and the environment, so and food and human touch will not have a negative effect.

7), stone color consistent, do not fade, do not change color;

Quartz stone mostly mineral pigments, so consistent with the stone color, not in strong sunlight for a long time local contrast irradiation, the naked eye is difficult to observe the color changes, in addition, the entire quartz stone in the production process, use the automatic control equipment in whole process, making the product color standard unified rate is extremely high. In the indoor long-term use of daily life will not be due to oxidation, aging, corrosion, thermal contact and other causes of faded and lost luster.

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