Advantages and Disadvantages of the Overall Bathroom Cabinet

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The so-called overall bathroom cabinet, is the non-decoration team to create the scene, but by the bathroom brand with wash basin, mixer, mirror the overall design made of bathroom furniture. Since the overall group bathroom, of course, in the design of the time to take into account many factors. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the overall bathroom cabinet?

dark bathroom cabinet

The overall advantages of the bathroom cabinet:

1, The overall bathroom cabinet in a sense is clearly beyond the traditional bathroom cabinet, its integration of the bathroom space will be integrated into each part, feast for the eyes, pleasing to the eye.

2, The overall overall bathroom cabinet is mainly due to its molded chassis is a whole, with waterproof leak-proof features.

3, The overall bathroom cabinet that is to achieve in a limited space basin, faucet, mirror, etc. are integrated into one of the overall environment, all the ancillary products are supplied by a unit, which is the overall aspects of the bathroom to facilitate future users maintain.

4, The overall bathroom cabinet bathroom facilities have no dead ends and easy to clean. In general, save time, reasonable structure, good material and so on.

5, Neat storage, the whole bathroom cabinet is to washbasin and other furniture into one, not only can put some small supplies, but also to hide the water pipes and wires in the bathroom, so that the bathroom looks clean and tidy.

6, The overall effect is good, compared with the traditional bathroom cabinet, the overall bathroom cabinet material more upscale, more compact layout, design and more attention to integrity, both in color matching, or space use, the overall bathroom cabinet is through the designer Careful design, a rational layout, exquisite whole bathroom cabinet show in front of consumers. The whole bathroom cabinet not only looks beautiful, but also easy to install.

The shortcomings of the overall bathroom cabinet:

1, All kinds of sanitary products positioning, style must be consistent with the market demand, otherwise it will lead to neither fish nor fat, shaped gather scattered situation often appear.

2, The overall variety of bathroom cabinet products, the need to establish a clear division of labor with the team to ensure that products on schedule delivery;

3, Expensive, many supporting products need other companies OEM, the amount is not high and can not form a scale of benefits, coupled with product design, logistics and distribution costs caused by increased costs, the overall price of the bathroom cabinet is also difficult for civilians.

Everything has two sides, the whole bathroom cabinet is also true. We are in the purchase of goods, we must think of it to analyze the general observation is its advantages and disadvantages. Hope this article can let you buy the whole bathroom cabinet has a good reference.

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