2018 New Trends in the Bathroom Space

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In 2018, the design of the bathroom space will continue to return to nature and return to simplicity as the mainstream, while continuing to explore new concepts and functions.

With the principle of natural fashion, the design direction of the bathroom space will be the concept of simple color and seamless lines. The pragmatic and simple layout will take into consideration comfort and elegance. Specifically, you can use five keyword summaries. If you need more details about bathroom products or design, please visit BKexport.com.

1) Continuity - the new dynamics

The introduction of simple, well-matched materials will make life more enjoyable, full of creativity, and keep the bathroom design fresh.

2) Combine - be bold

When modern elements are combined with natural element designs, they instantly create a clean, dynamic space.

3) Make the precise seems easy

A simple atmosphere that emphasizes a sense of balance requires consideration of multiple aspects: the balance between classics and modernity, the emphasis on censorship and simplicity, the emphasis on the balance of warmth in the living room, the innovation of individuality, and the balance of imitation of nature.

4) Introduce something life: to bring life into the design

Let the green bloom in the bathroom and add an element of vitality to the bathroom.

5) Consider darker colors

Dark-coloured bathrooms have become more and more popular lately and, if used properly, can give space a breath of luxury and relaxation. Natural materials and cement bricks will continue to be popular this year, and this year's gray will be the focus of color trends. Gray sounds boring? In fact, gray has rich shadows and layers, which increase the transparency and dynamics of space and add a lot of elegant atmosphere.

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