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June, 2014 is a nice month for the entire world, we have our world Cup in this month. For Newstar, it is also our Improve Month, a month of improving our products, our service, and our personality.  We have the study meeting, team PK, case analysis, outreach training etc.

On June 21st -22nd, Newstar have the Outdoor Outreach Training, to improve ourselves and stick together. The programs included camp cooking, mountain climbing, High-altitude training, barbecue,campfire party, rock climbing and drifted etc.

Camp cookingwas an excellent experience for our office workers who have no time to cook usually. Camp cooking is not easy, but not for a team. Every teammate perform his/her own part: vegetable washing, pork cutting, making a fire, cooking, and tidy keeping and so on. We helped each other and finished the cooking together. Smiling showed on everyone¡¯s face when eating our dishes.

High-altitude training and rock climbing was a challenge for most of us. But we took and made it with the teammate encourage. There were warm applause and encouragement during the training.

We kept team on our mind and helped each other to finish the mission during this two days one night training. Always encouraged our teammates to go on when he/she wanted to quit. It¡¯s harvest training, not only the beautiful scenery of the wild but also the improvement of us and team cohesiveness.

Try our best and fighting for becoming better is what Newstar always do. No matter in outreach training or in work, we are sure to be better us. Welcome you to come and visit us to check our progress, whether our product or our service.

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