How to distinguish quartz countertops is real or fake

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Quartz countertops, is made of quartz, ambry mesa.Its advantage is wear-resisting, scratch resistant, heat resistant, large area of the shop is stuck, make durable, various kitchen mesa is very popular with consumers high-quality household materials.But at the moment, good and evil people mixed up household market, all kinds of bad products the sham as the genuine, edit teach you good judgment method, give an inferior product to hide something.

Judgment of whether a method:

Evaluating the quality of quartz, it is important that finish, because finish represents the fouling resistance.The simplest method is to use a marker on the quartz, painting, look to whether can erase, speaks the fouling resistance is strong, can wipe to wipe out means that the fouling resistance is poor, suggest not to buy.

Delimit judgement method:

Hardness is abrasion resistance identification, a simple method is to use steel knife, don't identify with a key role.Quartz is made of 94% quartz and 6% resin, hardness of 7 degrees, and are derived by the marble powder and resin synthesis, so the hardness is commonly 4 to 6 degrees, simple said is quartz is harder than are derived, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance.

The third burning:

Quartz material due to its own characteristics, determines its characteristics of high temperature resistant, below 300 degrees Celsius temperature will not have any impact to its, is also not happen deformation and fracture;Due to contain large amounts of resin, are derived under the condition of high temperature especially prone to deformation and the phenomenon of burning performance.Will be lit cigarette butts on mesa, or directly use lighter to burn, no traces are genuine, have charred traces are f


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