How to install the culture stone?What problem should note?

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A clean, metope processing and make a rough surface, (so the low water imbibition is smooth surface, such as the plastic quality wooden is laying barbed wire, and make a rough underside, fully keeping in good health before the shop is stuck.

Second, stick culture stone must arrange culture stone on the ground before collocation gives the best results in according to the order after the shop is stuck, (close to the size, shape and color of culture stone do not adjacent).1) cement layer (2) culture stone layer (3) cement bonded joint layer

More than 3, 425 white cement, Portland cement (the proportion of cement, sand, 801 glue for 1:2:0. 03), ceramic bonding agent (please note that the bonding agent instructions) both high performance special adhesive could be used as bonding agent.1. Culture stone 2. Cement tank (increase bonding strength) 3. The bonding agent

Four, the culture stone fully wet, in the middle of the culture stone at the bottom of the daub binder to pile up in the mountain shape (stick archaize brick brick can be coated thin layer at the bottom of the bonding agent) such as large area carelessly flyblown surface should be used after wash immediately with a brush.

Five, the first corner.Sufficient pressure, make visible dope out around culture stone (some products without corner)



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